DOB 7/11/2010   ILR# 280222  Neelix X Meggie

A pleasant, well balanced, tall girl who is producing high quality offspring.



DOB 06/28/2011   ILR# 282387  Nicholas Cage X Lwaxana WH 50.25" Hip ht. 50.5"

A very impressive llama with tremendous athletic ability. She is Ccara registered and trained for packing.


Heather SC-01

DOB 07/18/2012   ILR# 284767  Nicolas Cage X OKR Flopsy's Pretty Girl 

WH 47" 


Ayn Rand

DOB 07/24/2010   ILR# 282088  Evaines George Washington X OKR Rain Kloud  WH 45" 

Not a large girl but giving us nice crias.

 Lily Marie SC01

DOB  3/28/2017   ILR# 290548   HI TRL Nicholas Care X  Rosa Marie

This female inherited the pleasant personality of her father.


DOB 05/18/2018     ILR# 2917891

Registered Ccara   HI TRL Nicholas Cage X Dara

WH 47"    

Pleasant, friendly girl who likes treats.

Juniper SC01

BD 5/23/2018  ILR# 291909  Registered Ccara

HI TRL Tony Llama X Llunar's Sequoia

WH 45.5"

Cady SC-01

BD 9/3/2009  ILR# 279247

Vali Fire Smoke X Sierra Breeze

    Very Pleasant personality and easy to manage. She was a packer for most of her life so far. Has produced one male cria in the past year. Ancestry is from the Black Thunder line on the dam's side. Her sire was from Canada with his lineage dating back to 19th century England.





ILR# 287098 BD 6/24/2014

HI TRL Tony Llama X Lwaxana

WH 50.25"

Very Calm girl who is easy to work with. Her daughter Daenerys is also listed in this section of the website.