DOB 7/11/2010   ILR# 280222  Neelix X Meggie

A pleasant, well balanced, tall girl who is producing high quality offspring.



DOB 05/19/2002     ILR# 240003

ht. 46" wt.  300 lb.

Ezri is a nice calm girl with a number of crias.

OKR Floppsy's Pretty Girl


DOB 06/12/2004      ILR# 260041  Ccara registered Black Thunder X OKR Flopsy

ht. 48"

A pleasant female who has produced several cria.



DOB 06/28/2011   ILR# 282387  Nicholas Cage X Lwaxana WH 50.25" Hip ht. 50.5"

A very impressive llama with tremendous athlletic ability. She is Ccara registered and trained for packing.


DOB 06/24/2014   ILR# 287098  Tony Llama X Lwaxana WH 50" 

A dramatic athletic female producing great crias so far.

Heather SC-01

DOB 07/18/2012   ILR# 284767  Nicolas Cage X OKR Flopsy's Pretty Girl  WH 47" 

Ayn Rand

DOB 07/24/2010   ILR# 282088  Evaines George Washington X OKR Rain Kloud  WH 45" 

Not a large girl but giving us nice crias.

 Lily Marie SC01

DOB  3/28/2017   ILR# 290548   HI TRL Nicholas Care X  Rosa Marie

This female inherited the pleasant personality of her father.