Thank you for the inquiry concerning our llama packing services. Middle Earth Llamas has been raising and packing llamas since 1981. Our goal is to produce animals suited for performance functions, one of which is packing. Criteria for these individuals are size and correct structure in a personable male or female llama. With the addition of some extremely large stock in the past few years we now feel confident to offer some of our experienced packers for lease. Our services can be used to access trailheads located in the Cascades and Olympics. Trails in the Olympic National Forest are fine but not Olympic Park destinations. Prior to actual trail use, a potential client must participate in a free educational session in order to become familiar with the animals and equipment. Prior to your actual trip signature of a waiver and release form for adults and minors will be necessary.

The llamas will be transported in a large vintage cargo van. Various arrangements can be made with Middle Earth for this conveyance. It may be convenient for the lessee to leave their car at our ranch and ride along with the llamas to the trailhead . For a nominal fee, overnight stay including breakfast is possible in order to reach the trailhead early the next day. This would also facilitate getting the llama packs loaded prior to arriving at the trailhead. Another option is to have us meet you at the trailhead, then pick up the llama upon your return.

Each llama rented will come with a complete pack and pad, extra halter, insect repellent, picketing stake, and its own food. For each trail day every llama will carry 1-2 lbs. of trail food. A llama pack will have two panniers, each of which is roughly the size of a small backpack. Each pannier will have two outside pockets. A rainfly will be included for each pack system along with a small scale to weigh the panniers. Maximum load on the llamas will vary from 65-80 lb. Although many of the larger packers are capable of carrying considerable heavier loads, they will perform better if not loaded to their maximum capacity. During very warm weather special attention to weight is important.

Usually two or more llamas are scheduled for pack trips because they are herd animals and will perform better with a buddy.

For the rental of the first  llama $36/day

For the rental of a second llama
$30/day for 3 days or less
$24/day for 4-7 days
$20/day for 8 days or more

For a third llama if needed
$26/day for 3 days or less
$24/day for 4-7 days
$20/day for 8 days or more

For transport to the trailhead a mileage charge of 30¢/mile will apply. Mileage charges subject to change if the fuel prices escalate. If the client can supply their own adequate transport of the llamas the mileage fee would not apply.

Any deposits are 100% refundable up to 30 days prior to the scheduled hike.