The Ccara Registry

In the summer of 2008 a new ILR sub-registry opened which is dedicated to our working animals-- The Ccara Registry . This registry is wholly owned and operated by the ILR with entry screening done by a non-profit corporation-- NACA (North American Ccara Association). All current and future ILR rules that apply to the standard llama registry also apply to the new Ccara registry. The first three generations will be screened for entry into the Ccara registry with succeeding generations being automatically admitted. Any llama being considered for the registry entry must be ILR registered, at least three years of age and 43” or more at the withers. Criteria for entry will be mostly structure and movement with wool type (double coat) also considered. Specifics of screening criteria and details can be viewed at the NACA website Screening costs are $15/animal with discounts starting at five or more animals.

Once a candidate llama is successfully screened the owner can request the ILR to issue a new certificate with a Ccara designation. Cost of this service from the ILR is $5. The impetus for this new registry began three years ago with a meeting of like-minded llama owners concerned with the future of the Ccara breed. These owners had independently reached the conclusion that without some action we would lose the traits that made llamas so useful on the trail. Thus NACA was born with the purpose of trying to find a way to preserve and perpetuate those charastistics that make our working animals successful. Our conclusion was that the best way to accomplish our purpose was to establish a registry with entry criteria. Since we had neither the will, finances, nor expertise to have an independent registry a joint endeavor with the ILR was the obvious choice. Not all of our group was initially enthusiastic about cooperation with the ILR but they have the expertise and are the most enduring llama organization because of the vital service they provide. We found the ILR to be quite amenable to a new Ccara breed registry so eventually the new registry came to be.

The ILR recently instituted new software allowing much more sophisticated use of their database of llama info. I would encourage readers to join the ILR, take advantage of their capabilities and have a voice in this organization. If you are already a member the Ccara site within the ILR database can be accessed after login by clicking on the “animal and owner” box. Then scroll down to #4 and look under breed type where you will see two choices; either the minis or Ccara. Click on Ccara and it will bring up all the animals so far screened into this new breed registry. It is very important for the future of our wonderful working animals that this Ccara section is a breed registry, not just a listing of individuals. Presently NACA has screened quite a few animals in Oregon , Washington , Idaho , B.C. and Wyoming . Since we are a new organization it will take some time to obtain more people as screeners in order to expand to other areas of the country. Plans are to provide screeners in attendance at working llama events such as PTLA pack trials, local llama organization events, rendezvous and individual ranches. If you are interested in having your animals screened contact one of the NACA board members found on our website.